You Can Still Participate - Just let any Captain Know   
 THE GOAL: Marketing Director by 12/31/2020 

Ted O'Shannessy - New South Wales, Australia

Mayson Townsend - Montana, USA

Buddy Clark - Florida, USA

Hap Botelho - California, USA

Dr. Scott Cody - Minnesota, USA

Dave McCaughrin - Ontario, Canada

Ivan Secord - Michigan, USA

Fred Gondzar - South Dakota, USA

Gary McClurg - Bogata, Columbia

Crystie Lee - Georgia, USA

Betsy Burt - Montana, USA

Pathrecy Bautsch - Arizona, USA

Marty Ramsey - Arizona, USA

Lowell Graves - California, USA

Carolyn Lentini - Texas, USA

Billy Thompson - North Carolina, USA

Dianne Thompson - North Carolina, USA

Barry Allaway - West Midlands, UK

Maggie Hall - Pennsylvania, USA

Rick Waddell - Pennsylvania, USA

Cheryl Frawley - Connecticut, USA

Al Pooser - Louisana, USA

Jorge Chavez - New South Wales, Australia

Marilyn Schaefer - Texas, USA

Travis Corey - Montana, USA

Dan Lunstrum – Wyoming, USA

Laurel Lunstrum – Wyoming, USA

Tim Lunstrum – California, USA

Ray Hinds - Florida, USA

Ryan Steffan - Arizona, USA

Priest Kemper - Texas, USA

Marge Robertson - Indiana, USA

Dennis Buckingham - Texas, USA

Kevin Mounts - Virginia, USA

Louise Lunstrum - California, USA

Irwin Young - Oregon, USA

Eric Schendel - Washington, USA

Sandy Westbrook - Texas, USA

Don Moak - Arkansas, USA

Nancy Botelho - California, USA

Jack Chafin - Massachusets, USA

Evangelina Tipton - Arizona, USA

Cyndi Lee - Texas, USA

Gene Quient - Utah, USA

Don Dietz - Pennsylvania, USA

Mark Dickson - Colorado, USA

Mike McCusker - Michigan, USA

Eric Barth - Florida, USA

Kent Bayne - Virginia, USA

PROJECT 2021 is a VOLUNTARY program. Those who choose NOT to participate will continue to be fully supported by all the Captains. This voluntary project will be in effect from June 1st, 2020 until December 31st, 2020.


Assist all volunteers in reaching the rank of MARKETING DIRECTOR by the end of 2020 so you will enter 2021 qualified for the car bonus and Membership-Free.


A. Build Your List
B. Invite Your List
C. Give contact info of contacts asking for video link to your upline Captain


1. Write short description of WHY owning a successful inCruises business will improve your quality of life, then tell the        Captain you want to work with that you want to participate in Project 2021. Y
ou don't have to share your why. 

2. Watch the SIMPLE SUCCESS SHORTCUT SYSTEM video below at least three times. It is very short.

3. Download the CRUISEMASTERS HANDBOOK. It includes the two emails, a Contact List Form and the tremedous          InCruises Memory Jogger to help you continually grow your Contact List..

4. Reach out to Partners you have personally enrolled. A) Encourage to attend Monday webinar
    B) Recommend    PROJECT 2021 C) Offer help.

5. Call your upline Captain weekly to give update and to discuss the people on your CONTACT LIST.

6. Give a minimum of 2 contacts/month to your Captain, and focus on increasing to 1 per week by the end of the year.

7. Attend EVERY Monday webinar you can possibly attend.

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