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We use a simple three-step sales system:

Step 1: Share your Wise Cruise Sizzle Line phone number and extention. Your prospect will hear a 2-minute message that ends by inviting them to visit www.Wise Cruising.com for our 7-minute membership sales video.

Step 2: Send this text the next day: "Hi [first name]. This is [your name]. I will be calling in a few minutes to answer any questions you might have about Wise Cruising. Please let me know if another time would be more convenient for you. [your first name]."

Step 3: If they don't reply with a more convenient time, wait 10 minutes and call to answer their questions. USE YOUR CAPTAINS if you think you might need assistance.

Wise Cruising Sizzle Line

(641) 715-3900 EXT 197788#

Wise Cruising Video





813-909-3989 EST [email protected]

Team Captain/Founder/Administrator - Chartered Financial Consultant - Ex Pro Golfer - Married 53 Years - More Than 40 Cruises - 8 With inCruises Navy 8 Years - Amateur Radio: K4SLE. Network Marketing 44 Years - Multi-Million Dollar Producer - Top Earner 3 Companies

406-661-3800 MST [email protected]

Team Captain/Administrator - Real Estate Broker Real Estate Home Builder - Married 42 Years - 24 Years of Cruising - Cancer Survivor - Certified Health Coach - Network Marketing 35 Years - Multi-Million Dollar Producer - Top Earner 3 Companies

David & Crystie Lee
706-206-1749 EST [email protected]

Team Captain - Career Air Force (retired) - Food & Travel Lover - Extremely Humble Guy - Married 10 Years - 6 Total Cruises - 3 With inCruises - Got Married On A Cruise Network Marketing 30 Years - Multi-Million Dollar Producer - Top Earner 2 Companies

Jon & Pathrecy Bautsch
928-607-8109 AZ Time [email protected]

Team Captain - 34+ Years In Grocery Business (retired) - Married 20+ Years - 10 Total Cruises - 5 With inCruises - We Love To Cruise - Network Marketing 20+ Years - Multi-Million Dollar Producer

Cody Ramsey

928-925-9004 AZ Time [email protected]

Team Captain - Aircraft Dealer - Pilot - 5 Cruises So Far - Network Marketing 30 Years - Multi-Million Dollar Producer - Reason to Join inCruises: Best Deal For Taking A Cruise - Reason to Join the CruiseMasters Team: Best Way to Ensure Your Success....period!